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Product + Advertising Photography

Show off your new product in imagery designed to attract attention and generate buzz.

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For larger corporate projects, usage fees may also apply. Basic services include:

  • Your choice of solid color background.
  • A basic lighting setup.
  • Color correction, sharpening, exposure balance, etc.
  • Basic retouching such as removal of dust present during shooting.
  • Full-size JPEG files provided via digital download
  • Masking, clipping, digitally imposed “false backgrounds”, advanced retouching, and advanced effects are available for an additional fee of $100/hr on top of the basic hourly rate for photography and post processing.

The time required for your project will vary based on the difficulty of photographing each product. After getting more details about your project, I can provide a rough estimate to the amount of hours and cost. The final amount will be billed to you after the project has been completed.

For on-site product photography at your location, an additional setup fee of $250 is required. A travel fee of $100 per hour (minimum of $100) may also apply for on-site product photography more than 15 miles from my studio in Baldwinsville, NY.

State sales tax is not collected on digital delivery of all files.
Pricing and policy information is subject to change without notice.
Contract signing required prior to scheduled shoot.



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Pricing + Estimates

To receive a basic estimate, please contact us and provide the following information:

  1. What kind of object(s) need to be photographed?
  2. How many object(s) need to be photographed?
  3. How many angles would you like for each object?
  4. How much precision is required with scale and angles of each object? Does the size of the object need to be accurately reflected in the images?
  5. Is the object(s) translucent, clear, opaque, shiny, metallic?
  6. How large is the object(s)?
  7. Where do you need the object(s) photographed?
  8. What kind of retouching or post processing will you need?
  9. Will the images be used in a magazine, billboard, online, etc?

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