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What's the difference?

LUX real-estate photography is my proprietary shooting and editing method I have developed over the years to achieve the most beautiful and natural looking photos possible. I bring lighting with me to illuminate the rooms in a natural way, and spend a lot of time editing and blending the photos together to achieve the best results possible on the final photo.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is the typical method most real-estate photographers use, and is a much quicker process.

Because my LUX process is much more involved, I need a lot more time in the home to take each photo, and the editing process afterwords is much more intense; because of these factors I can only aim for 48-72 hour turn-around time on photo delivery.


Accurate, vibrant, uniform colors

Realistic shadows & ambient lighting, true-to-life

Bright, sharp, clean, airy

White ceilings

Detailed window views

Better for homes with lots of windows / natural light

Better for homes with vibrant colors

Approx 45 mins on-site per 1,000 sqft

48-72 hour photo delivery



Inaccurate, non-uniform color casts in some areas

Potentially unwanted shadows & details

Slightly darker, lower contrast

Color reflectance on some ceilings

Less detailed window views

Works better in darker homes, but not better than LUX

Works better in homes with neutral colors, but not better than LUX

Approx 25 mins on-site per 1,000 sqft

24-48 hour photo delivery


Although the LUX method is superior and recommended for higher-end properties or homes with lots of windows and beautiful views, both methods will produce professional looking photos that are better than quick cell phone photos - and all of my photos are taken with a wide angle lens on a tripod that is perfectly level, which makes them look even better.

See examples below, and decide which is best for you.

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